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Bridging Finance

independent-financial-advisorIf your client needs to bridge the gap whilst longer term financing can be secured, we can help.

We’ll give your client access to a range of bridging loans tailored to their needs, with long-term mortgage facilities available to provide a solution.

We can provide your clients with fast, flexible and, most importantly, transparent short term finance that will support them all the way through to securing long term finance and beyond, if they need it.

  • Rates starting from 0.8% per month
  • Products available for buy-to-let, renovation to let or sell, semi-commercial and commercial applications
  • Lending amounts from £50,000 to £100m for residential and £100,000 to £100m for commercial applications
  • Flexible terms from 1 to 18 months
  • Bridging accepted on an unregulated basis only

*Please refer to the rate card for full terms & conditions
This offer is subject to acceptance and availability.

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